Handy blogs for homelearners

I don’t know exactly what will happen with the kids schooling. I’m a big believer of following their lead and their inclinations.

But I’m also a big believer in my own ability to provide them with more learning opportunities than any institution would. These are just a couple of reasons: I have only 2 “students” to look after so I can devote more individual time; caring for their physical and mental wellbeing is my current full time job; I am a smart resourceful knowledgable woman; and because no one else in the world cares for these 2 kids more than I do.

We’re taking it year by year, semester by semester, but I know the time will come when decisions will have to be made, and I might possibly be the usual minority fighting the world…

Until then, I’m essentially homeschooling/unschooling the kids, providing them with lots of opportunities to learn about themselves and the world.

So here are just a few places where I’ve been finding all sorts of inspirations and ideas. I’ll update them bit by bit as I come across them. Feel free to give me some pointers if you know of any great blog/website for little learners!

ABC and 123 – a learning cooperative

About a girl

Childhood101 – playing. learning. growing

Creative with Kids

Homeschool Creations

How Long Is This Hall?

Irresistible ideas for play based learning

Joyful Learner

Learning 4 Kids

Literacy, families and learning

Montessori for Learning

My Delicious Ambiguity

No Time for Flashcards


One Hook Wonder

Pink and Green Mama – create, play, explore

Rockabye Butterfly

Shannon’s Tot School

Teach Preschool

Teacher Tom

The Activity Mom

The Science Mommy

The Wonder Years

The Work Plan

Tinker Lab

Tried and True

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